God’s mind behind Big Bang theory?

A few weeks ago, we all got the news that “Pope Benedict is offering his thoughts on how the universe was created.  Thursday, the Pope said God’s mind was behind the complex scientific theories such as the Big Bang, and Christians should reject the idea the universe was created by chance

These are very interesting news. But is this really the truth? Did really the Pope say that God’s mind was behind the Big Bang?

It turns out that the Pope Benedict said: “The universe is not the result of chance, as some would like to make us believe. In contemplating it, we are asked to interpret in it something profound; the wisdom of the Creator, the inexhaustible creativity of God, his infinite love for us.

We must not let our minds be limited by theories that always go only so far and that — at a close look — are far from competing with faith but do not succeed in explaining the ultimate meaning of reality. We cannot but perceive in the beauty of the world, its mystery, its greatness and its rationality, the eternal rationality; nor can we dispense with its guidance to the one God, Creator of Heaven and of earth” […] “And so we come to the star. What kind of star was the star the Magi saw and followed? This question has been the subject of discussion among astronomers down the centuries. Kepler, for example, claimed that it was “a nova” or “a super-nova”, one of those stars that usually radiates a weak light but can suddenly and violently explode, producing an exceptionally bright blaze.

So, the Pope did not say that there was a Big Bang and God’s mind was behind that initial explosion. He just shows that science theories don’t necessarily contradict the Bible (or the other way around).

It’s kind of bad that the media worked like a “voting monkey” system. Somebody throws a “news” article and many other respectable news channels propagate the article as genuine without too much research or thought.

This is kind of similar to the news that the “zodiac is wrong” because the “constellations have shifted” due to the axial precession of the Earth. The media channels went crazy propagating this “information” despite the fact it is not news, but a fact known by astronomers for over 2000 years 🙂

I guess we just need to take any news with enough grain and sand. News propagated by respectable websites, TV stations or newspapers may be wrong. I hope the majority of the data we get is true and genuine, and these are only exceptions…

But, is God’s mind behind the creation of our Universe? Is our Universe wonderful and a mysterious place with so many thinks to investigate and understand? I think the answer is yes… And I think that our very own soul belongs to the soul of the Universe, that all the stars around us (including our very own Sun) are mysterious beings, creations of God and the law of nature, that very own definition of life exceeds what we know about it and we are all Children of God.


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