SkyMap for Windows Phone 7, HotelMapTips and other projects

SkyMap application for Windows Phone 7 is officially a success.  After all, it went up in the top of all apps on Windows Phone 7 platform and it’s now on Microsoft’s top apps page.

Thank you again to all people who downloaded the free trial of our SkyMap application. And special thanks to the people who paid for the full version. Clear skies to you and enjoy stargazing. After all, there are so many beautiful thinks to see and explore in the  universe. Until a few years ago I was completely unaware of what we can see out there, during a clear night…

But I want to talk also about my second project – a website names It’s a free Silverlight web application offering a very easy way for finding and booking hotels meeting users expectations. The hotels on our map are color coded (based on price range in the active selection). We offer a lot of filters and a large amount of information on the map to facilitate the best hotel selection for a pleasant and informed stay at users destination.

I’ve also set up blogs for SkyMap and HotelMapTips. Even if I end up spending less time blogging here (on my personal blog), I’ll blog about astronomy on SkyMap blog and travel on HotelMapTips blog.

And yes, I’m also looking for new career opportunities. That means that I’m looking for a full time job… I’m fortunate that I have enough experience and the IT job market seems pretty warm. Let’s see how the future will unfold for me.

But, make no mistake, SkyMap app will get new updates soon. We’re actually almost ready for a new update – with exciting new features – but we just have to hold on a few more weeks until Windows Phone 7 platform gets an update from Microsoft (there is a Microsoft bug there which prevents the update of trial applications). And meanwhile, we’ll add even more features to SkyMap for Windows Phone 7.

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