Romania is a east European country. It is part of European Union since 2007 and it neighbors Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Republic of Moldova.

It was a communist country and had a  madman as president (Ceausescu) until the revolution of 1989. Ceausescu had a mock trial and was executed a few minutes after the trial. Anyway, people were really happy to see the country free of its former president and Ceausescu was guilty for many obvious crimes.

After 1989, there were many changes  in this country. After a rather painful transition in the ’90s, Romania started to experience a steady economical growth. Many Romanian citizens started working in West Europe. The people of Romania started changing their mentalities – moving from a communist/socialist way of thinking (lack of leadership, state funded welfare expectation, state controlled economy, etc) to a open market and liberal ideas.

Like other East European countries, the country still struggles with bureaucracy, corruption and not very efficient justice system. But it offers very good business opportunities, a skilled labor force available to hire for wages under the average of European Union and it still has a lot of potential for growth. Because the tough reforms, Romania performed pretty well compared to other European countries during the recent economical crisis.

Romania is, without doubt, a nice tourist destination. It has 3 main regions: Transylvania, Wallachia and Moldova.

The country is known for the its middle age inheritance, myths and legends (Dracula / Vlad the Impaler, vampires, etc). One can visit old castles, hike the Carpathians mountains, get a trip to medieval monasteries or to the Black Sea coast. Also, a  traveler can find rustic villages where people keep very old traditions.



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