Enjoy Life

We move through life and sometimes we look back. What have we accomplished so far? What did we bring new to this world? How did we spend our life so far? What does it make up proud so far? What are the lessons we learned?

Every single person is different. We learn so much every day. And it’s a pity we get to share only a fraction of our experiences.

I think we have to be active, set and achieve small goals and try to be happy – enjoy what we have.
Life is precious. Spending time with family and friends is good. Creating something new and helping with the progress of the mankind is great.


We are too often living on “auto-pilot” and wake up too late regreting the lost time. We avoid risks and stay close to routines. We’re afraid to take new paths and we go over and over again on the same route.

But we have to stop and think. Does the well established route make us happy? Or do we want to try something new and try a new adventure?
We all are remarkable creatures. With enough motivation, every single one of us can achieve a lot. We are the top life form on our planet and we shouldn’t forget this.


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