How to open and repair Duracell 600 Watt PowerPackPro

I’ve purchased recently (aprox 45 days ago) a Duracell 600 Watt PowerPack Pro starter battery.

It has good reviews on Amazon, but most of those reviews are for an older model (Duracell 600 Watt PowerPack battery). I purchased this battery because it has a 600W inverter and therefore you can use it as a AC source (plug in regular devices there: computer, TV or small fridge).

Duracell Powerpack Pro 600
Duracell Powerpack Pro 600

The internal battery of PowerPack Pro model is 18AH. By comparison, the battery for the older PowerPack was 24AH (therefore 33% more capacity).

My battery didn’t last long. During the initial charge the battery took a long time to charge using AC power (more than 24 hours). I’ve used this battery only once to inflate my car’s tires and I was surprised to find recently that the battery doesn’t hold a charge anymore.

I’ve decided to open it and replace its internal lead-acid battery.

1. First step is to push by hand and take out the rubber protector corners

Duracell PowerPack Corners
Duracell PowerPack Corners

2. There are 4 screws on this side (3 are easy to see)

Duracell PowerPack Screws (3)
Duracell PowerPack Screws (3)

3. The 4th screw is hidden inside the upper compartment:

Duracell PowerPack Hidden Screw
Duracell PowerPack Hidden Screw

4. Flip the battery and find all 7 screws (2 are hidden in the holes below and other 2 are on top next to the handle)

Duracell PowerPack  - 7 more screws
Duracell PowerPack – 7 more screws

5. Finally pry open the battery. I found some reistance next to the handle and I ended up breaking a plastic part there (not a big issue, but I’m not sure if that plastic was glued or I didn’t open the cover properly.

Duracell PowerPack - Broken Part
Duracell PowerPack – Broken Part

6. Disconnect the light cable connector

Duracell PowerPack - Light Cable Connector
Duracell PowerPack – Light Cable Connector

7. Set the power pack on its side and replace the lead-acid battery

Duracell PowerPack - 18AH Battery
Duracell PowerPack – 18AH Battery

The dimenssions of this lead battery are: 7 inch length, 3 inch width and 6.5 inch height.

Pay attention to the battery connectors (not all SLA battery with same dimenssions have similar connectors).

Replace the lead-acid battery and enjoy the repaired power pack.

Duracell PowerPack - Internal View
Duracell PowerPack – Internal View

4 Comments Add yours

  1. John Kool says:

    Will the higher capacity battery 24-33 amp hours fit when you replace the Internal battery?

    Also, you can attach an external battery for additional power, but will this unit when plugged in to AC or cigarette lighter charge the external battery?

    1. ciprianb says:

      I haven’t found a higher capacity battery with the exact same dimenssions and therefore I’ve used another 18Ah battery.
      Cigarette lighter connector and jump starter cables are connected directly to the internal battery. I haven’t tried, but in theory (and according to the specs too) you can have another battery connected to the pack too in parallel. The external battery may indeed charge the internal battery.

      1. John Kool says:

        I am really looking for a way to charge the EXTERNAL a battery while driving

  2. John Kool says:

    By the way, Thanks for this tutorial. Duracell says this unit’s battery cannot be replaced.

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