Our trip to Cancun, Mexico

The tropical resorts in Mexico are a great vacation destination.

We’ve been to Mexico many times for vacation:

  • cruises to East and West coasts of Mexico
  • vacations to all inclusive resorts (Puerto Vallarta and Cancun)

We’ve just returned from a trip to Cancun (Iberostar Paraiso Lindo at Riviera Lindo, close to Cancun). I think this trip was great.

My wife and daughter enjoyed swimming with dolphins. And I did some scuba diving. On top of that, the resort offered all kind of activities: water sports, archery, darts, pool games, bingo, etc.

I was also really happy to use this opportunity to practice my Spanish.

I haven’t learned Spanish in school. Actually there are a bit more than 2 months since I’ve started to learn Spanish seriously. And I had a very good and fast progress. The trip to Mexico was my main motivation to keep learning Spanish. And once I got there, I’ve started using the (limited) Spanish phrases I learned.

I really think that, in order to learn a foreign language, there is a need for a strong motivation (e.g. a trip somewhere, a desire to impress somebody, a job demand, etc) and the desire to practice that language. Also, I’ve learned that complicated grammar structures, obscure verb tenses don’t really matter much. It’s more important to relax and engage in discussions with native speakers whenever possible.

But back to scuba diving.

They offered a free scuba dive tryout in the pool. I think that is a great marketing approach – because they got new customers. People are trying it – and a good percentage of them will love scuba and are willing to try it out in the sea.

And once somebody dives in the sea and watches the beautiful marine life, feels the liberty to swim in any direction, he’s hooked for scuba.

Here’s a video of my second dive at Manchones coral reef:



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