Is the Technology Evil?

Some people say that technology is evil… They tell us that technology keeps us away from a simple way of life and that we’re too amazed by our own gadgets and forget the beauty of Earth. They blame crazy working hours, extra stress on technology…

But is the technology evil? Is it really so bad living at the beginning of 21st century?

I think it’s wrong to blame the technology. The technology doesn’t have a soul. It’s just a tool in the hands of humans.
People should look in the mirrors first. Look inside.
The fact that we have smart phones and it’s so easy to check emails, facebook or some random internet pages doesn’t mean that, oh, we should spend all of our time on internet… It’s merely a tool. It’s up to us to decide how to use the technology.
In a sense, an ax means technology. We can’t blame the ax for the fact that somebody used the ax in ways he was not supposed to use it.

I think we’re in control of our destiny. It’s up to us to decide what we want to do with our own lives.
We can get a lot of stress for trivial matters. Or we can disregard the non-essential, enjoy our time on Earth and live a happy and long live.
Yes, getting hundreds of emails and notifications, stressing too much about our jobs, working over time, etc can be blamed on technology. But is it really so?
Workers in 19th century had a very bad life compared to today… Very long hours, dirty jobs, a lot of stress, too… And so many people have no sense of security during Middle Ages. They were just happy to live another day.
So, we should consider ourselves lucky of living in this time. We should not blame technology for our own problems. We live interesting times. And there’s more to come…


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